Membership - How to Join Hunting Hills 

Join us for the 2019 season!  If you have a sponsor and are ready to join, you can begin the application process at this link.  If you have questions about becoming a Full Member or a Trial Member of Hunting Hills, please contact the membership coordinator via this email form.

Hunting Hills requires purchase of a one-time $500 Bond* in order to become a member. Applicants must also pay a non-refundable $50 Application Fee. We require that you have a sponsor (a current member) listed on your application.  If no sponsor can be listed, then after your one-year Trial member (see below) we reserve the right to revoke your ability to become a fully bonded member.  Also note that this membership applies to a household or address.  Everyone in your family unit coming under the purchased bond must show proof of address as shown on the application and/or bond.

We offer three membership levels to choose from for your household's size: 

 Level   Dues
  Family    $650
  Couple (2 person household)    $600
  Single    $500


Become a Trial Member!  To ease the financial burden of the bond payment in the initial year, Hunting Hills offers a Trial Membership that allows for the bond to paid over two years time, along with a discount for the first year dues.  See below for details: 

Trial Membership, First Year

 Application fee  $50
 Annual dues (depending upon level)
$500, $600, or $650
 Total:  $550, $650, or $700

Trial Membership, Second Year

 Bond after $100 credit  $400
 Annual dues (depending upon level)  $500, $600, or $650


 * Be sure to read our Bylaws, particularly Article VIII, Section 3 regarding bonds and bond refunds. 


Please contact our Membership Coordinator if you have any questions about the application process or simply want to learn more about Hunting Hills.