Spring Cleanup Day #2 with Kona Ice

  • 24 Apr 2021
  • 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Hunting Hills Swim Club



It's starting to warm up outside! Forecast is getting warmer and warmer. We've had various members and board members who've already been spending time down on the property starting to take on small projects, doing weeding and other such things. We had a billiards table delivered to the clubhouse the other day and put together in the clubhouse. We have 45 people signed up for our Flea market event. Things are moving along for the spring. 

Last cleanup day, the cover was taken off the pool, some painting projects were started and alot of weeding was started. But we still have a lot to do!

1. More painting. The clubhouse is about 3/4 painted but we still have to finish.

2. Staining. Lots of picnic tables to stain and more!
3. So much weeding was done last time and so much more is left. 

This is just a sample of what there is to do. We have endless very easy projects we need your help on. We'll arrange for some breakfast and coffee to be donated by a local store, probably starbucks. We've also made arrangements for Kona to stop by each day (They take cash or credit) because that seemed to be a popular visit this past summer. 

Now some of our newer members may be asking. What's a cleanup day? As owners of the club, we try to use the dues collected and our yearly budget to mostly pay for the labor of the guards, mortgage, city taxes, water bill (Which is HUGE) and so much more throughout the year. As owners of the club, our members show up in the spring and fall to handle easy projects such as painting, weeding, and general cleanup. It's very easy and lots of fun actually. You can even bring your teens to get their service hours! 

You show up with your whole family, the kids can ride their bikes, scooters etc around the property and play. We have a "To do list" of things we've trying to accomplish and you lend a hand for a while. It's also a great way to socialize and meet new people. 

If you can make it, click "Going" on the events calendar and mark the event on your personal calendar. And if those dates don't work for you but you want to help? Just send us an email. We can make arrangements to get you on the property if you want to help with a small project. 

Remember, we are the owners of the club. The nicer it looks. The more members join. We have to work together as a community. For any specific questions don't hesitate to email marketinghhsc@gmail.com.