Hunting Hills Sleep Out America 2020

  • 20 Nov 2020
  • 7:00 PM
  • 21 Nov 2020
  • 6:00 AM
  • Hunting Hills Swim Club



On Friday NIGHT November 20th 2020, across the country, people of all ages and backgrounds will give up the warmth of their beds and the comfort of their homes to sleep outside, just like thousands of kids with nowhere else to go do every night. Throughout the year the Covenant house does fundraising via "Sleep out America" to raise money for homeless children across america. (www.covenanthouse.org)

2 years ago, our outgoing Vice President Alexander Decker did this by himself in the parking lot to raise money for this cause. Last year, 10 members of our club participated, and "Team Hunting Hills" placed 12th country for fundraising! We were neck and neck with Cisco Systems and Delta airlines up until the final day and the Baltimore Sun did a story about our team! This year, we have multiple members who are already signed up and we need more to participate!

Last year we had (2) 8 year old children, 2 teenagers and 6 adults who slept out. My son was one of the kids and he loved it. You can choose "How" you want to sleep out. Some will bring air mattresses, some will just use a sleeping bag. We don't even care if you want a tent. The goal is to sleep outside to support the cause. We also encourage you to bring friends and family! As long as we are all socially distant in our sleeping arrangements we are fine (We have 6.5 acres of property to choose from)

This is a rain or shine event. If it rains, we'll setup our tents in the clubhouse or under the pavilion or anywhere dry But the show must go on.

All we encourage you to do at this point is click "Going" so we can gather our team. At a later date we'll reach out to you with details. Any questions just email me below.

Chris Vedeloff

Communications and Marketing Officer

Hunting Hills Swim Club