Skinnier Dipper Squad Weight Loss Challenge

  • 11 Jan 2020
  • 16 May 2020
  • At Home as you get ready for Pool Season!


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Hello all!

I bet all of you are currently dreaming about the pool, and more importantly, how you will look at the pool...ha! If you're like most of us this time of year, you are feeling doughy and pale and def NOT swimsuit material. Well we have a cure for that! It is called The Skinnier Dipper Squad: a group of us, you included? yes? will be committing to changing our shape/fitness level before the pool re-opens. Oh I can hear the grumbling already, the doubts, the eyeball rolling, but this is different. We will be together! We will be working toward your goal TOGETHER! 

How's that again?  Here's how it will work: you pick your goal, whether it's weight loss, lost inches, increased pull ups, push ups, burpees, etc., you decide what you are willing to do, and you put your money where your mouth is, instead of cookies and candies french fries. 

How much? $25. WAIT! WHAT?!?! that's all? $25?  yes, $25. AND you get it all back when you do what you set out to do.

What happens if I DON'T make my goal? The pot of money for members who don't make their goal is split by the ones that do!!! So if you make your goal you may come out with more money than you left with!

Additionally, you can benefit from our weekly e-chats, updates, inspirational quotes, comedic relief, and suggestions. 

How do I prove anything? Well you have to do one private weigh in, measure in, commit-in meeting with the events coordinator, Reagan Williams, at her home on Jan 11th, write down your commitment, sign an agreement, and then electronically put your money in the communal pot. That's it. Then, on May 16th, you will have to come back to the Williams's home and prove your goal has been reached. That's 4 months to hit your mark. 

So do I do this? YES! oh most definitely yes, yes you do. Just do it. Commit to a healthier happier you. 

Happy New (you) Year!

Want to Join? Questions?: events@huntinghillsswimclub.com

ps. all initial weights and measures can be submitted digitally via video and digital scale if you cannot or do not wish to make the meeting at the Williams's home on Jan 11th."