Swim Lessons - Session 1

  • 09 Jul 2018
  • 20 Jul 2018
  • Group lessons - 11 AM and 6 PM on Mon, Wed & Fri

Swim lessons will be taught by our life guarding staff. All lessons will be 30 minutes long with 6 classes per session. There are 4 levels offered with the goal of advancing through all levels and qualifying to be a member of our Hunting Hills Swim Team.   

All of our lessons focus on safety and stroke technique.  Fill out the Registration Form and pay by check at the pool office (forms also are available at the office).  

Definition of Levels:

Level 1 - This level is intended for children who have never had a swim lesson before. This is a beginner class with the goal of becoming comfortable in the water. The students will blow bubbles, float, and use basic freestyle and backstroke arm movement and kicking techniques. They will jump off of the pool wall and submerge their faces in the water. 

Level 2 – This level builds upon the skills learned in level 1. The students will refine their stroke techniques for freestyle and backstroke. They will learn the basics of diving and streamlining their bodies. They will begin to learn breaststroke. Overall they will begin to swim properly in the deeper section of the pool.

 Level 3 – This level builds upon the skills learned in level 2. The students will be swimming the length of the pool for freestyle and backstroke while using proper breathing technique. They will refine their kicking for breaststroke as well as arm movement and learn the dolphin kick. They will work on racing starts for freestyle and backstroke.

 Level 4 – This level is intended for preparation for our Hunting Hills Hammerheads Swim Team. Students will become knowledgeable of all 4 strokes and understand racing starts and finishes. It is our goal to foster a love of swimming in the hopes that they will be encouraged to join our swim team.