HHSC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 Dues and Finances

When are the annual dues due?

  • Annual membership dues are to be paid in full by March 15th, per our bylaws, but you can pay them any time before then.

Do I have to pay all at once or can I make partial payments?

  • You can make partial payments through-out the year either by check or by PayPal.  Partial payments via PayPal are not automatically tracked in our on-line membership system (that system requires full payment), and our Treasurer willl log your payment manually.  Here is the link for partial payments.  

What do my dues pay for? 

  • Dues cover the costs of seasonal staff and expenses needed to run the pool (pool maintenance, utilities, water, snack bar supplies, etc). The Board of Directors is an all-volunteer board which manages the balance of revenue from membership dues, events, and fundraising activities with the increases in expense costs and maintenance needs to sustain the club. 

How do I pay my dues or check my balance?

  • Log in to the intranet of this web site, and any amount due will appear on the right in red or in a yellow pop-up (depending upon your browser).
  • You may pay online via PayPal or by check to our mailing address: Hunting Hills, PO Box 9381, Catonsville, MD 21228.

What about the Late Fee?

  •   The bylaws state a 10% fee will be assessed on any balance due after May 1.

We like the pool, but we won't be around this year and/or we can't afford it. What are the options?

  • You can request to go inactive for the season as long as you do so before May 1.  

Where can I learn how to resign?

  • Please log in to view and download the Membership Termination form.


We've had a change in our family situation. How can we handle this?

  • If you need to add someone who lives at your address simply login and add them to your membership.
  • Remember that for any adult you add, that person must show a valid photo ID showing the address we have listed for your bond.   
I am caring for another child whom I want to bring to the pool...
  • If you already have a Family membership, we offer a caregiver/nanny pass for $75 that is good for the entire season.  You must download and fill out the nanny/caregiver form.  The child being cared for, or the nanny (whichever the case) will also need to have a membership card issued.

Our child/children will be coming to the pool with their nanny.  Will I need to buy guest passes each time?

  • The nanny can buy guest passes each time they come to the pool, provided he/she comes with your child or children.  They can even buy them in advance for a discounted rate.
  • Another option is to purchase a nanny/caregiver pass described above.  It depends upon how often your child and the nanny will be coming to the pool.

Pool Entry and ID Cards

Does everyone need a card?  Even kids and Infant? 
  • All members, regardless of age, will be issued a card.
Do I have to have my photo taken? 
  • All members over the age of 4 must have a photo taken. Your photo is not accessible to users of our Gate Desk system, i.e. pool management, gate desk staff, and certain board support staff.

 How do I get my card?

  • Assuming you already have a member record in our on-line membership system, please stop by the Guard's office to have your photo taken. Bring your driver's license or other kind of ID that shows your residential address.  In the meanwhile, you can be manually checked in by the gate staff until you get your card.

What if I forget my card when I come to the pool?

  • We can still manually log you in, but you will have to stop at the gate desk, provide last name and address for the staff to look you up, and they will manually log your entry into our computer system.  A quick card swipe as you walk in will be much easier so you will want to remember your card!      

What if I lose my card?

  • Lost or stolen cards can be replaced at any during the season.  There will be a $5 replacement fee for each card (or $10 for the whole family if all are lost).  When a new card is issued, the old card will be de-activated.

 What will Hunting Hills do with the information collected for the ID cards?

  • The Hunting Hills Privacy Policy is:  any photograph or personal information is strictly for identification purposes and is only view-able by HHSC Board Members or employees in a secure database. We will NEVER share your information with anyone else.

Swim Team

  • Responses to Swim Team questions can usually be found by reviewing the Swim Team Parents Guide, available via a link on the Swim Team home page.  Should you  have additional questions beyond the Parents Guide or the Swim Team pages,  please contact swimteam@huntingshillsswimclub.com.


How do I communicate an problem with the website or outdated content? 


How can help out with maintaining the pool grounds? 
  • Spring Clean-Up days are a great way to help maintain the Hunting Hills property. In addition, the club maintains a wish list of items that are coming up on a maintenance cycle. Should you wish to contribute a light effort, or have professional skills to help with larger projects, please contact grounds@huntinghillsswimclub.com.